Molecule is priced at a monthly package rate, with options for high trade volume, real-time SLAs, and additional usage above and beyond each package. It's offered on a yearly or multi-year contract basis.

What is Bigbang?

Bigbang is a new data fabric, featuring a data lake-as-a-service brought to you by Molecule. Bigbang allows you to automatically import data from Molecule, select partners, and your own data sources. Users can then manipulate that data for deeper business analytics.

In 2022, energy companies want:

  • Real-time data streaming from key systems
  • A semantic layer maintained by someone who understands the data
  • Automated loads–built and maintained by anyone
  • Ability to query data quickly and easily, using modern tools
  • Powerful, easy-to-use reporting for spatial and tabular information
  • Workspace for bespoke analytics
  • The ability to interface with in-house BI tooling
  • First-class reliability

With fixed-fee implementation.

THIS is Bigbang.

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What is Data Fabric?

“Data fabric enables frictionless access and sharing of data in a distributed data environment. It enables a single and consistent data management framework, which allows seamless data access and processing by design across otherwise siloed storage.

Through 2022, bespoke data fabric designs will be deployed primarily as a static infrastructure, forcing organizations into a new wave of cost to completely re-design for more dynamic data mesh approaches.”

Curious About Implementation?

We offer two implementation options so that you can get the right service level for your organization.

Molecule provides the platform (user interface, data lake, semantic layer, and analytics package). Parts of the platform are multi-tenant, to ensure scalability and rapid evolution — while the data lake itself is single-tenant, with the keys directly available to you. Molecule is responsible for ensuring backups and availability.


What We Do:

  • Build lambdas to load and transform your data
  • Adapt a semantic layer to map bespoke data
  • Design your analytics dashboards with your team–and build and maintain them


Your SI provides any of:

  • Data loaders, transformers
  • Dashboard design + build
  • Additions to the semantic layer
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