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Molecule Ranks in the Top 15 of the Chartis Energy50 List of Technology in the Energy Space

Learn what leading industry research has to say about the future of ETRM software and why Molecule ranks in the top 15 of Chartis' Energy50 list.
Molecule Ranks in the Top 15 of the Chartis Energy50 List of Technology in the Energy Space

We're thrilled to announce that Molecule is in the Top 15 list of the 2023 Chartis Energy50! The Chartis Energy50 uses extensive industry research to rank the top 50 companies in the global energy software market, based on the following measures:

  • Functionality
  • Core technology
  • Market presence and impact
  • Innovation
  • Strategy

Given this criteria, Chartis found Molecule to be among the top vendors included in the Energy50 list for our range of functions and features across the risk management and energy trading sector.

"Molecule’s risk and trading platform, featuring cross asset support and support for a range of energy futures & options markets, makes the company a strong player in the Energy50." - Sid Dash, Chief Researcher at Chartis.

The Top 15 spot comes after Chartis recognized Molecule as a Rising Star in their latest RiskTech100 report. We’re thrilled to be recognized as an emerging and now top contender in the energy trading software space.

Let’s dive into some of the insights from the report and where Molecule stands in the face of major shifts in the energy space.  

What does the future of energy trading technology look like?

Not only does Chartis' report provide insight into the top technology vendors in the energy trading industry, but also what's propelling the transformation of the energy sector. The report determines that one of the drivers of structural change is digitalization. Because of digitalization, ETRM software has become central to managing risk in your trade portfolio.

"In the context of the important structural change happening in energy markets, and the increasing centralization this brings, ETRM systems act as a ‘cockpit’ – a central engine that drives many other parts of the energy value chain, managing and interlinking physical, operational and financial components." - Chartis Energy50 Report

As noted in the report, the need for "automation" and "product optimization" in "analytical environments" reveals how ETRM software, paired with data management and advanced analytics tools, is essential to navigating market volatility.

How will Molecule help you keep up with the energy industry changes?

This third-party research validates the values we hold, both as a company and for our ETRM platform. We built Molecule with the belief that the most modern technology has the power to disrupt the traditional way of managing trade risk - replacing outdated legacy systems with a platform that’s more streamlined, intuitive, and reliable.

So, how do we do that? A sleek, user-friendly SaaS ETRM platform that automates deal capture, risk analytics, and reporting for 50+ physical and financial commodities and 25,000+ instruments. Over the past decade, Molecule has helped companies lean into digital transformation with automation, optimization, and advanced analytics - all on one, easy-to-use application.  

Ultimately, we're thrilled to be named in the Top 15 of Chartis' Energy50 list, because it recognizes the strides we've made (and continue to make) to help our customers adapt to the evolving energy industry.

Explore Molecule's core features and functionalities in our datasheet.