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50,000+ physical and financial products traded.

Nearly $100bn in value across 50 commodities.

Molecule understands you and what you do.

Chartis RiskTech Quandrant Category Leader: CTRM Solutions 2022
Chartis RiskTech Quandrant Category Leader: CTRM Solutions 2022
Chartis RiskTech Quandrant Category Leader: CTRM Solutions 2022
AICPA SOC: SOC for Service Organizations

Modern, Next-Generation
CTRM/ETRM Software

In 2012, the Molecule team set out to make the world's most modern, easy-to-use cloud ETRM. Molecule is:

Powerful + Gorgeous

Ever used an ETRM that looks amazing? Molecule is the first ETRM/CTRM that places design first. With easy to use, customizable screens, each function is the result of a design process that’s intended to make you more powerful.

Fully Automatic

Molecule offers front-to-back office capabilities, designed from first principles. Trade capture, mark-to-market, Value at Risk, settlement, and more happen automatically and in near real-time. Straight-through processing happens by default, and fine-grained audit trails are simply a function of how the software is designed. As for performance, Molecule automatically scales itself, by spinning up servers dynamically in response to your needs.

Custom + Consistent Reporting

Molecule stores the most granular reporting data, pre-computed, for use in any report. All reporting (via API, our screens, or built for you using our embedded BI software) uses the same data, so your information is consistent and easy-to-use, no matter where you see it.

The C/ETRM Platform for Professionals in 2023

Molecule's feature set covers what you'd expect (and many things you might not) from a modern, cloud-native ETRM/CTRM. Have a look at Molecule's features for a complete listing of available and upcoming features.

  • Automatic Deal Capture

    With Molecule, your trades flow in instantly, through our built-in ICE, CME, Gemini, Nodal Exchange, Trayport, and ISO connectors. Trading elsewhere? Use our spreadsheet upload, our API, or even better—our natural language recognition for OTC trades.

  • Market Data

    Wherever possible, Molecule provides automatic end-of-day market data, direct into our platform, so your portfolio marks quickly and without you even pushing a button. Connectors for Morningstar and MarketView are standard, and ISO LMPs are included as part of our Elektra package.

  • Automatic position, P&L, and risk

    Industry-standard, battle-tested calculations power our mark-to-market and option models. Once trades and market data arrive, Molecule churns through your portfolio, producing positions, P&L, and risk—in no time flat.

  • FCM Reconciliation

    Molecule connects directly to over 15 FCMs, and automatically downloads top-day and portfolio statements. Then it shows you how they match up with what's in your portfolio—making it ridiculously easy to identify problems, where and when they occur.

  • Customizable Reporting

    Molecule produces rich, insightful custom reporting—with your input as to what it should contain. View it on-screen, download the details, or even hook your own tools up to our API. Then go home early.

  • Proactive Support

    A support team that's incentivized to find, fix, and inform you of problems before you even know about them.


Predictable, Fixed-Price Subscriptions

CTRMs aren’t cheap, and billing shouldn’t be a surprise. Other CTRM/ETRM platforms offer paid-up-front agreements and mushy “time-and-expenses” implementations. Not us—Molecule is offered in three fixed-price packages, with standard installs included in the price.


Our package for hedge funds, prop funds, CTAs, and anyone trading only on exchanges. Up and running in no time flat.

Package Details


Our package for most companies that trade commodities. Adds all sorts of support for physical trading, VaR, and Asset models.

Package Details


Custom-designed packages for the most demanding energy trading organizations. Adds enterprise support and RFP participation.

Package Details

Molecule offers specialized upgrade packages for renewables, physical power, and crypto as well as a data lake-as-a-service.

HiveRenewables by Molecule

Hive is Molecule’s new add-on for companies trading renewable commodities and renewable instruments like RECs, RINs, and RGGIs.

Explore Hive

ELEKTRAPower by Molecule

Elektra offers included LMPs and block prices, and connectivity to ISOs.

Explore Elektra

DJINNEnterprise Crypto by Molecule

Djinn offers cost-based inventory management and connectivity to crypto exchanges.

Explore Djinn

BigbangData Fabric for Energy by Molecule

Bigbang is a new data fabric, featuring a data lake-as-a-service brought to you by Molecule.

Explore Bigbang

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Industries We Serve

Molecule is designed for companies in multiple industries. Our customers come from renewables as well as conventional energies—and come in all shapes and sizes—from hedge funds, to Fortune 100 companies, and everyone in between.

Independent Power Producers

IPPs have been relying on Molecule for years—to manage forward generation (renewable, conventional, and battery storage), actuals, and forward hedges across the full array of ISOs and deal types, including congestion (FTRs/CRRs/TCRs), virtuals, PTP obligations, bidding awards, capacity payments, ancillaries, and more.

Renewables Trading Firms

Renewables companies use Molecule to make sense of forward credits (including RECs, RINs, and RGGIs), with connectivity to exchanges such as ICE, CME, and Nodal Exchange and clearinghouses such as APX. Analysts can use Molecule for easy management of credits and hedges, and management of eligibility, classes, and retirements.

Oil, Gas, and Chemicals Marketers

Marketers of oil, gas, chemicals, and other physical energies, use Molecule to manage physical trading around assets, back-to-backs, financial derivatives, and inventory positions. Actualization and reconciliation come standard with Molecule.

Crypto Trading

Crypto companies use Molecule to trade in a high-volatility market, with enterprise-grade controls. Molecule is the leading enterprise system for energy and crypto trading, combining positions and spreads into a single view.

Energy & Commodities Consumers

Large energy & commodities consumers use Molecule to compare forward short positions (expected burn), to prepurchases and hedges—enabling them to make smarter decisions with data an ERP just can't handle.

Hedge Funds & Prop Funds

Funds use Molecule to get up and going quickly, and report position and P&L reliably, in near real-time—and to send their operations teams home early.

Commodities We Cover

Molecule is designed for companies trading any commodity, or combination of commodities—and our customers come in all shapes and sizes.


Molecule values multiple instruments (including congestion, virtuals, point-to-points, ancillaries, capacity payments, and more). Block conversions (Peak, Off-Peak, and more) are standard.

Natural Gas

Molecule handles physical and financial gas—bilateral and on-exchange, including support for back-to-backs, actualization, ISDAs, and inventory.

Crude & Refined Products

Molecule handles the complexities of the modern crude market, including WTI CMA Rolls, actualization, inventory, and more.


Molecule manages dozens of renewable assets (including solar, wind, and battery), and simplifies credits complexities like eligibility, regions, and energy years -- alongside interfaces to clearinghouses like APX.


Molecule connects to the CME and crypto exchanges to download deals and prices, and models crypto (and mined coins) alongside power, gas, and anything else you trade.

Ags & Softs

Seasonality of futures and options—and prices in eighths, for soy, corn, ethanol, cocoa, and more, are standard in Molecule.


The full breadth of NGLs—across multiple American and Chinese exchanges are standard in Molecule. Support for Ethane, Propane, Butane, and more are out-of-the-box.


Molecule supports LME contracts (futures, TAPOs, and more), alongside the rest of metal traders' portfolios.

The differentiators that make Molecule The Best CTRM Software

  • Consumer-Grade Tech

    Today, the world's best technology is consumer-grade. This means world-class security, top-tier hosting, automatic scalability, and a heavy focus on design. Molecule is all that and more, as we have adopted the best tech in the world: Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes, React, and more.

  • So many integrations

    Molecule offers integrations to ICE, CME, Nodal Exchange, APX, and North American ISOs—along with 15+ FCMs. Assets are modeled in Market data is integrated, out-of-the-box, with Morningstar and Marketview. Molecule can push entries to SAP, NetSuite, Workday, and Sage. New integrations are built and deployed regularly.

  • Custom reporting

    Everyone wants something different from their reporting. So, in addition to our standard extracts, Molecule has embedded a world-class business intelligence solution in our product. With it, our analysts can build you a view of anything you’d like with your data, exactly as you want it, using SQL and Python. Compliance report? Check. Regression analysis? Also, check. Daily P&L by trader and book? Peanuts.

  • A Modern, RESTful API

    Molecule provides APIs for just about everything you’d want to do in the system—so, if you want to build a data lake, or even your own trade capture screens, you can do it easy with Molecule. Our APIs are standard, RESTful, JSON and CSV APIs that connect to modern programming languages and BI solutions. We even offer connectivity directly to Excel.

  • A support team that gets you

    Our customer success team is made up of energy analysts, each with experience in multiple commodities. So, while our software can help you reset your password, our team is more likely to help you with, “How do I get this particular type of FTR in the system?” Our team is also proactive, with automated reports alerting them of data quality issues—so we can correct them before you even have to ask.

  • FAST Implementations

    We’ve developed our own way of getting you and your portfolio online, quickly. When you sign up with Molecule, our customer success team charts a path to getting your portfolio online and consistently correct, from a position and P&L perspective. Our costs are guaranteed, so we have the incentive to deliver—and we do.

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The $ return, or 'bang for the buck' from Molecule is amazing.
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