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ETRM in the time of Cholera

How we built Molecule to handle remote ETRM/CTRM implementations. Meeting in-person is on hold, but your need for modern deal capture is not.

In January 2020, being able to implement an ETRM system remotely was a neat trick. If we had been implementing Molecule for you before March of 2020, we would have had zero qualms about getting on an airplane and flying out to scope a project at your office, which would probably have led to steak dinners with plenty of laughs.

Then came March 2020 and remote ETRM implementations became mandatory. We loved working with you and your team in person - and the steak dinners. But for now, that is all on hold. Needs for modern deal capture are not.

Modern design, automation, and an app that just works – our team built Molecule on those three principles and strives for them daily. It sounds simple, but it's quite the opposite. To achieve it, we built a true multi-tenant, cloud-based ETRM application. Building in the cloud allowed us to price more transparently and roll out software upgrades much more frequently than our competitors, which is part of how we deliver on our commitment to always provide the best approach that meets customer needs.

But, we're finding additional benefits of our approach. One of the most important benefits that we have uncovered in the past six months is that we can (and almost always do) implement remotely, even for the most complex of customers.

We never saw this as a feature. This was always our preferred approach, but we didn't talk about it in sales meetings because, frankly, customers didn't care much, so neither did we.

So, maybe we should call these Molecule's benefits:

  • No hidden implementation fees
  • $0 software updates
  • Support included in your fixed fee
  • Efficient, remote implementations

We started working from home quite early compared to some, and we're going to continue to work from home for the rest of the year. We have a goal. We want to live; the idea is that we can continue building an application that replaces and outshines our legacy competitors. No matter what year it is, you should NEVER be headed to a budget meeting with a $35 million plan to upgrade an on-prem ETRM. Ever.

We can get you up and running even while you're remote. Quickly.

Modern design, automation, reliability, pricing transparency, and fast, remote implementation.

Updated January 24th, 2023

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