Cost Savings

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Should We Build or Buy Our ETRM Solution? 5 Questions to Guide Your Decision

The five essential questions that will save you time, money, and resources if you’re considering building or buying an ETRM platform.
6 min read

How Much Does ETRM Software Cost in 2023?

A glimpse into how much an ETRM costs, what affects the price, and how Molecule compares to other energy trading risk management software.
3 min read
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Pros and Cons of Moving from In-House to Purchased ETRM

With all the solutions out there, finding the best solution for your company can feel impossible. Then the initial costs, implementation, and training can be even more intimidating. We get it. However, the pros will likely outweigh the cons once you're willing to take the leap.
6 min read
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Selling Against a Fallacy in ETRM/CTRM Software

Companies that choose Molecule come to learn that we strive, on a daily basis, to outperform any other ETRM/CTRM they have ever used – or ever will.
2 min read

The Sky is Falling. Get Skinny

If your company trades commodities and uses an expensive on-premise legacy system for deal-capture and risk management, we're ready to help.
2 min read