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OpenLink and Allegro try to "go cloud"

There are many benefits to cloud ETRM/CTRM software platforms. But, he software needs to have been built from the ground up in the cloud.

We've been hearing rumors of OpenLink and Allegro announcing new offerings this year, with a focus on the cloud. We're happy the industry is coming around to our line of thinking!

That said, among the primary benefits of a cloud solution are:

  • Transparent updates
  • Quick installs
  • Fast response time, delivered efficiently
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Simply installing a piece of packaged software on a cloud-facing server, doesn't provide these benefits. Neither does simply changing a pricing model so that it amortizes differently. From what we can tell, the legacy-vendor cloud solutions still have a long way to go. An app (and its surrounding business) has to be built from the ground up, to make use of multi-tenancy, infrastructure improvements, and a service-incentivized sales model.

Molecule is. It remains to be seen whether the others will be.

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