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How to Navigate Energy Trading: The Power Trader's Glossary

The Molecule team has compiled a glossary with nearly 30 power trading terms to help you navigate the energy trading industry.
Screenshot of Molecule's Energy Trading: Power Glossary
Molecule's Power Glossary

We help companies keep up with the evolving energy trading industry with our ETRM software, but we wanted to take it a step further.

Last year, we released our renewables glossary after we launched Hive, our renewables add-on. Due to its popularity, we’re releasing our new glossary of power and energy trading terms.

With it, you can better understand the fundamentals of the energy trading industry. We’ve been helping customers trade power for a while now, so we know how complex power trading can be with different markets, distributors, and regulations.

Our glossary will help you navigate U.S. power markets and better understand the nuances of the industry. You’ll have access to nearly 30 key power trading terms, definitions, and real-life examples from Ancillary Services Market to Voluntary Carbon Markets!

If you’re new to power trading, Molecule’s power glossary will help you stay informed of the most relevant terms to the energy trading industry.

Check out our Elektra add-on if you’d like additional help managing your power portfolio with an ETRM.

Elektra - Power by Molecule

Elektra gives you access to seamless ISO integrations, arbitrary block conversions, end-of-day LMPs, and more.


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