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Molecule’s 2023 Q2 Updates

Get a glimpse into what Molecule has been up to during the second quarter of 2023 and what customers can expect from our ETRM system in the future.
Molecule’s 2023 Q2 Updates

It’s been an exciting year for Molecule, and we’re already halfway through 2023. The ending of Q2 marks a busy quarter for Molecule – our team, ETRM system, and customer base is continuing to grow.

We've added new additions to our customer success teams, including Chiarmyce Lyons and Diana Rodos. In addition, Kari Foster joins us as our VP of Marketing, and Tyler Fisher joins our development team as a software engineer.

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Molecule’s ETRM System Product Updates

We continue to build what we believe is the most modern E/CTRM on the market. In the second quarter, we released six software updates that enhanced our:

  • Tickets-to-Trades linking
  • CME market data integration updates
  • Updated formula pricing feature with defaults

Here are details of some of the features we’ve rolled out this quarter.

Our new trade date filter allows customers to sort their trade data based on a specified date range straight from Molecule’s Trades screen. With this release, our system also saves filter values for the duration of a user's login session.

We’ve made a few updates to our trade filter throughout the quarter based on customer feedback.

Here was our first update:

Initial Molecule ETRM system trade date filter.
Initial Molecule trade data filter

And, here's the most recent update:

Molecule's ETRM system updated trade date filter
Molecule's updated trade date filter

With our latest update, customers have more control over the trade filter and can easily select relevant date ranges.  

We’re also building out a new park and loans entry feature that will be available in an upgrade package. With it, you can facilitate the entry of the deal from both sides of a park and loan entry.

Molecule ETRM system park and loans feature
Molecule's park and loans feature

The trade entry quantity gets evenly split for each calendar day to create a delivery ticket, which can be actualized to reflect the actual movement of gas.

We’ve also added:

  • A new API for retrieving product calendars
  • New valuation fields for reporting, including one that rolls up dailies into the first day of the month
  • NGLs to our existing ICE market data integration
  • New fee types to trade entries and the valuations API
  • Support to our MarketView data integration for certain daily contracts

Check out our development hub for insight into more of our new features.  

Where has the Molecule Team been This Quarter?

Q2 has marked a successful conference season for Molecule – we’ve traveled all over the world meeting new friends, discussing the most pertinent topics in the industry, and, of course, showing off our product.  

From Commodity Trading Week in London…

Sameer Soleja, Dustin Whipple, and Richard Reedstrom at the Commodity Trading Week conference in London.
Dustin, Sameer, and Richard at the Commodity Trading Week London conference.

To the 2023 NAEMA Spring conference in Hilton Head, SC. And finally, to Commodity Trading Week Americas in Chicago.

Sameer Soleja, Molecule's Founder and CEO, giving a demo of our ETRM software to attendees of the Commodity Trading Week Americas Chicago conference.
Sameer giving a demo to Commodity Trading Week attendees in Chicago.

Molecule was the Lead ETRM/CTRM Partner for online and in-person Commodities People’s conferences. At the Chicago conference, Sameer Soleja, Molecule’s founder and CEO, moderated a panel on how ETRM systems are evolving to meet today’s market needs. He also joined a panel discussing how to use digitalization to streamline the trade lifecycle in a recovering global economy.

We also had the pleasure of participating in a few online panels in May, including LNG Online and Environmental Markets Week Online. Bridget Frilot, one of Molecule’s senior project managers, moderated a discussion on exploring the evolving landscape of LNG markets. You can watch her panel here:

Energy Trading Week, LNG Trading panel moderated by Molecule's Bridget Frilot 

Sameer also discussed how innovation can drive growth and trust in environmental markets. You can find his session here:

Energy Trading Week, Environmental Markets panel featuring Sameer Soleja

Molecule’s ETRM System Roadmap

Here’s what’s on our radar for the next quarter:

We’re launching Bigbang, our data lake add-on. Bigbang will allow for complex aggregate analysis of Molecule data, time series analysis, and connection to underlying data – all with the power of a first-class SQL database.

Aside from that, our customers can expect new software releases – with more features and fixes – from us approximately every two weeks.

The Molecule team is also:

  • Hiring an ETRM/CTRM Implementation Specialist, Head of Product, Sales Engineer, and Sales Executive. Want to be a part of our team? Apply here.
  • Attending Energy Trading Week in London on September 28th and 29th. We’d love to see you there – register here!

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