Case Study

Energy & Technology Company

ETRM, Elektra, + Djinn

“Molecule has been an end-to-end positive experience for us.”


  • Molecule provides comprehensive insight and visibility into their trade portfolio.
  • Molecule’s modern design and cutting-edge technology sets it apart from other ETRMs.
  • Molecule continues providing responsive support — even after implementation.

Life Before Molecule

The company builds technology that promotes clean energy production. They are a start-up actively growing their business.

Before purchasing Molecule, spreadsheets weren’t giving them the visibility they needed to assess and manage risk effectively. Although they had a small number of trades, the notional value of these transactions was large.

The Decision Process

As this customer researched options, they turned to the CTRM Center Sourcebook for a comprehensive overview of ETRMs on the market.

Molecule stood out because, like this particular company, we are a “tech-forward” company that values innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Other ETRMs seemed to take a more “legacy approach” to implementations and looked like “technology from a decade or so ago.” Some team members were still recovering from past ETRM implementation nightmares, where every new feature and functionality promised would stretch timelines even more.

However, with our web-based, modern approach to ETRM software and implementations, they knew they were in good hands.

They chose Molecule for its flexible design, modern technology, and quick implementation timeline.

Life With Molecule

Within a month, their trades, market data, and real-time position and P&L were in the Molecule system.

“Molecule’s implementation was very structured, rapid, and smooth.”

Their team didn’t have to settle for complex implementations with uncertain timelines, as Molecule’s Customer Success team kept everything simple and transparent throughout the onboarding. In addition, they appreciated our level of support.

They especially love that Molecule’s responsive support didn’t stop after onboarding ended. They’re impressed with how quickly the Customer Success team resolves any issues or inquiries they have via the support channel.

Favorite Molecule Feature

Molecule’s APIs and UI make the application pleasant and easy to use compared to most enterprise tools.

Results / Testimonial

“Compared to legacy systems, Molecule is more flexible and adaptable to our specific business needs and goes beyond the standard way of doing things.”
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