Trade Risk Management Solutions for Energy + Commodities Consumers

Large-scale consumers of energy and commodities, such as airlines, CPGs, and manufacturers, use Molecule to compare forward short positions (expected burn) to prepurchases and hedges — enabling them to make smarter decisions with data an ERP just can't handle.

The E/CTRM Designed for What You Trade

Can an ERP handle everything your company trades and consumes? From power and fuel to metals and ags, and even renewable certificates, Molecule’s modern and adaptable energy and commodities trade risk management software has everything you need — all in one place.

A VaR That Just Works

You can get a VaR from many places — but what about one that is right the first time?

Molecule provides that and more, out-of-the-box: a blistering-fast Monte Carlo simulation engine that re-calculates your VaR (portfolio and component) in no time, every time your position changes, and independently-calculated Delta-Gamma VaR and diagnostic information, so you can be sure the numbers make sense.

Model Assets, Structured Deals, and Exotics

With Molecule, you can model virtually anything — in the system that can handle it best.

For every asset, structured deal, or exotic, Molecule can make a daily or on-demand call to a valuation model (yours, ours, or QuantLib's) or an external system or database. It stores a full suite of valuation and position information, and reports it alongside everything else in your portfolio.

Model Hedges

With Molecule, your trades flow in instantly, through our built-in ICE, CME, Nodal Exchange, Trayport, and ISO connectors. Trading elsewhere? Use our spreadsheet upload, our API, or even better — our natural language recognition for OTC trades.

Market data comes your way automatically, using our out-of-the-box market data service. Track your expected burn against hedge coverage to see your net exposure, automatically.

See Your Combined Exposure, Automatically

Molecule produces rich custom reporting, with your input as to what it should contain. View it on-screen, have it e-mailed, or automatically generate tabular reports suitable for your users or customers. Reports are generated in near real-time — generating more time back to your day.

Need to track compliance for hedge covenants? Check. Need to track credit exposures to counterparties and for margin call support? Can do.

Reports the Way You Want Them

Want to use your old spreadsheets for reporting? No problem. Molecule connects directly to your Excel sheets, to show you the right information, the way you're used to seeing it. Want custom reports? Every package comes with a set of custom reports we can make for you.

Additionally, you can send your data to the BI tool of your choice, or use Molecule’s data lake add-on, Bigbang, to merge with other data sources and get even more granular.

Integrations + Add-Ons That Power What You Trade

Molecule has more than 30 integrations out of the box with market data and trade data sources, FCMs, ERPs, BI tools, and more.

Ready to see it in action?

Great — we’re ready to show you! Reach out to get a demo of Molecule and see how it will simplify your trade risk management.

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