Why Molecule?

Your ETRM/CTRM Software Shouldn’t Make Your Job Harder

We believe that technology should drive innovation in energy and commodities trading, not block it. Molecule is the modern, intuitive solution to replace the outdated ETRM/CTRM systems of the past. Isn’t it time your company embraced the future of trade risk management?

What are outdated and inefficient ETRM/CTRM systems costing you?

ETRM/CTRM software has been around for decades, and legacy technology (those old systems that can be a tough habit to kick) is rampant. Many companies end up either building their own ETRM/CTRM in-house or defaulting to spreadsheets to fill the gaps in their outdated systems.

We’ve heard these stories - over and over (and over) again. Your legacy ETRM/CTRM system may have fit the bill for your company at one point, but what is it actually costing you?

Long (and expensive) implementations

Ever been stuck in a never-ending ETRM/CTRM implementation? With each new feature request or customization, more time is added - and more internal or external costs. Your team’s time-to-value balloons, while your ROI shrinks.

Slow, inefficient processes

You need accurate reporting, and you need it now. Older ETRM/CTRM technology takes too long to run reports, and then the data is outdated before you can finish your second cup of coffee.

More cost than meets the eye

Between extended implementations, internal development resources, and unplanned upgrades to get the latest set of features, legacy ETRMs/CTRMs can end up costing more than originally planned.

Enter Molecule - the modern ETRM/CTRM platform

Molecule’s founder, Sameer Soleja, saw these challenges within the energy and commodities trading industry and started Molecule to disrupt what he was seeing in the ETRM/CTRM market.

Built in the cloud with an intuitive, easy-to-use experience at its core, Molecule is the alternative to the convoluted systems and glorified spreadsheets of the past.

With near real-time reporting, 30+ integrations, and headache-free implementations, Molecule gets your ETRM/CTRM out of your way - because you have better things to do with your time.

Effortless Integrations + Automation

Molecule's cloud-based ETRM / CTRM is a game-changer! It integrates with 30+ data sources, automates routine tasks with precision, and acts as a natural extension of your risk management team.

Near-Real-Time Trade Data Insights

From data on risk exposure, positions, and P&L to integrations with your business intelligence tools, including Excel and Power BI, Molecule empowers you with instant access to accurate data and timely insights into your trades - without waiting hours!

Intuitive User Experience

Molecule's cloud-based system provides an easy-to-use experience. Its sleek, intuitive interface is designed to simplify complex tasks, boost productivity, and make trade risk management more efficient.

Rapid, Fixed-Fee Deployment

Molecule's cloud-based platform offers a fast, fixed-fee deployment, replacing the traditional complex and lengthy setup process. You benefit from flexibility, adaptability, and best of all…no hidden costs!

Agile, Low-Maintenance Solution

Molecule's agile SaaS platform is a game-changer in risk management. Say goodbye to excessive maintenance and resource demands. Now, you can fully dedicate your attention to critical business operations, creating an environment primed for success.

Our customers love us... and we love them back

Molecule customers not only sing the praises of our ETRM/CTRM platform, but they love how responsive and attentive our support is to their needs. One of our company values is, “We do what’s best for our customers” - and we want them to achieve the maximum from Molecule with minimal effort.

See for yourself! Check out reviews from Molecule customers below, plus read their stories here.

Outstanding customer service.
The $ return, or 'bang for the buck' from Molecule is amazing.
Molecule has been an end-to-end positive experience for us.
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It’s time to transform your trade risk management

Molecule will save time, give you greater visibility into your positions, and empower you to make better decisions and avoid risk-based catastrophes. Ready to ditch the old systems and headaches? Reach out to us - we’ll show you why our customers are glad they made the switch to Molecule!

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