The Scalable ETRM/CTRM System

When you buy cloud ETRM/CTRM software, you expect it to just work. We engineered Molecule for exactly that.

Cloud solutions in our industry have traditionally been Azure-deployed, single-tenant instances of existing on-premise ETRM software. Not Molecule—not even close.

Molecule was built for the cloud, from the ground up. This enables us to:

  • Automatically Scale. Using Kubernetes, Docker and AWS, Molecule watches itself. When the day gets busy, it throws more servers in the mix, to ensure your reporting is as up-to-date as possible. When loads drop, the cluster scales down to economize on cost.
  • Automatically Heal. Molecule is constantly monitored for service outages. When a component goes down, it's restarted automatically and, if necessary, our team is notified.
  • Avoid Surprises. Our team has built an additional monitoring layer on top of the baseline. This monitoring checks for data quality and portfolio issues, and alerts our services team when an issue is found. In most cases, we'll find the problem and fix it, before you ever knew it was there.
In addition, the Molecule team runs a program we call ZCDS (Zero Customer-Discovered Surprises). Our goal is that in any given month, all our customers, together, should experience near-zero negative surprises (i.e., due to a bug or performance issues), total. We review this as a key performance metric, monthly.

Build that in house.
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