Trade Risk Management Solutions for Advisors

Manage diverse portfolios in Molecule’s modern, reliable energy and commodity risk management platform, complete with automated P&L, position reporting, and flexible APIs.

One ETRM/CTRM for Your Entire Portfolio

Advisors use Molecule to assess energy and commodity portfolio risk across all of their customers — all in one place.

All Your Trade and Market Data, in an Instant

Molecule enables you to import vast amounts of trade and market data through our APIs and natural language deal capture. Trading on electronic platforms? Your trades flow in instantly, with our built-in ICE, CME, Nodal Exchange, Trayport, and ISO connectors.

Modeling With Production and Generation Data

Molecule gives you the ability to model virtually anything, in the system that can handle it best.

For every asset, structured deal, or exotic, Molecule can make a daily or on-demand call to a valuation model (yours, ours, or QuantLib's) or an external system or database. It stores a full suite of valuation and position information, and reports it alongside everything else in your portfolio.

Position, P&L, and Risk — Automated All Day

Industry-standard, battle-tested calculations power our mark-to-market and option models. Once trades and market data arrive, Molecule churns through your portfolio, producing positions, P&L, and risk — in near real-time.

Automate Customer Reporting

Generate settlement statements, confirmations, and other custom reporting. Load it anywhere you'd like, and forward at will. Do it reliably, day after day.

Bank Reconciliation Done for You

Ever tried to decipher a PDF from your bank? With Molecule, you can ditch the deciphering.

Molecule connects directly to nearly 20 FCMs, and automatically downloads top-day and portfolio statements. Then it shows you how they match up with what's in your portfolio — making it ridiculously easy to identify problems, where and when they occur.

Integrations + Add-Ons That Power What You Trade

Molecule has more than 30 integrations out of the box with market data and trade data sources, FCMs, ERPs, BI tools, and more.

Ready to see it in action?

Great — we’re ready to show you! Reach out to get a demo of Molecule and see how it will simplify risk assessment across your portfolio.

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