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Stop fighting with fragile spreadsheets. Say goodbye to clunky, monolithic legacy systems. Molecule’s cloud-native ETRM/CTRM platform is both tech-forward and design-forward — built for the purpose of making your job easier.

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Molecule’s Implementations

Let’s face it — ETRM/CTRM implementations are the worst. At Molecule, we aim to make this traditionally aggravating process better with a methodology that keeps your goals for the system in mind.

We pride ourselves on straightforward, yet thorough, implementations that don’t take forever to do, run by project managers with deep industry expertise. Oh, and they’re fixed-fee too — which means no surprise costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Molecule started in 2012, and we’ve been building the platform from the ground up ever since.

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Molecule is a cloud-native, multi-tenant E/CTRM, which allows for increased accessibility, scalability, adaptability, and cost efficiency. What does all of this mean for you?

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We offer 3 packages that are priced on a yearly or multi-year contract basis. Each package includes a defined set of features and is priced depending on the number of desks to be covered.

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We release product updates approximately twice a month at no additional cost to you. Our job is to thoroughly test each release, which we do with a combination of manual and automated testing, as well as a “valuation backtest” each time we touch any position/P&L logic. This allows us to get things right the first time, and if something important goes wrong, we are able to release a fix quickly.

Molecule is designed for companies trading any commodity, or combination of commodities — and our customers come in all shapes and sizes. We handle power, natural gas, crude & refined products, renewables, ags & softs, biofuels, NGLs, and metals.

We cover a multitude of trade types, including (but not limited to) exchange futures, bilateral swaps and physical forwards, spot deals, formula-priced deals, options, and more.

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Our implementations scale depending on a variety of factors, including complexity and scale of the business, what we’re implementing, customizations, and integrations. We aim for a fast integration that takes months, not years.

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We treat training as a collaborative effort with the customer. Our goal is to engage end users as early as possible, capture their input into the configuration and setup, and get them quick access to the system via their own test environment.

Molecule ships with several standard extracts, including Valuation (position, P&L), YTD/QTD/MTD, Trades, and VaR. Most Molecule users also use custom reports that we build alongside them and deploy in our application.

When a standard report is run in Molecule, it typically pulls from pre-computed data (instead of calculating on the fly). This allows it to run very quickly.

Molecule offers user- and group-based permissions that cover feature/screen access, trade books, and custom reports.

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