Trade Risk Management Solutions for Hedge Funds + Prop Funds

Molecule provides the risk management tools hedge funds and prop funds need — everything from automated deal capture and comprehensive risk valuations, to FCM reconciliation and intuitive reporting features.

Get Your Fund Reports While They’re Hot

Hedge funds and prop funds use Molecule to fuel their trading strategies — whether they manage energy, renewables, agricultural commodities, metals, or other commodities. They get up and going quickly and report position and P&L reliably, in near real-time — so their operations teams get more time back in their days.

Blink-of-an-eye Deal Capture

With Molecule, your energy and commodity trades flow in instantly, through our built-in ICE, CME, Nodal Exchange, Trayport, and ISO connectors. Trading elsewhere? Use our spreadsheet upload, our API, or even better — our natural language recognition for OTC trades.

Automatic and Accurate End-of-Day

End-of-day reports calculate in Molecule as soon as the system has sufficient data. Positions are calculated instantly. Trades are marked and option Greeks are calculated when market data comes in.

Molecule uses industry-standard Black-76 and mark-to-market calculations, as well as QuantLib. We also open-source key components of our software, so you can inspect them yourself — and be sure your reports are right.

Reports the Way You Want Them

Want to use your old spreadsheets for reporting? No problem. Molecule can be connected directly to your Excel sheets, to show you the right information, the way you're used to seeing it. Want custom reports? Every package comes with a set of custom reports we can make for you.

Additionally, you can access your data in the BI tool of your choice for more granular analysis.

Easy Fund Allocation

Do you allocate funds between different accounts, and send those instructions to your bank? Molecule has built-in functionality to allocate automatically all day, and let you update the allocations at will. Then you can send our output to your bank — or let us do it for you.

Bank Reconciliation Done for You

Ever tried to decipher a PDF from your bank? With Molecule, you can ditch the deciphering.

Molecule connects directly to nearly 20 FCMs, and automatically downloads top-day and portfolio statements. Then it shows you how they match up with what's in your portfolio — making it ridiculously easy to identify problems, where and when they occur.

Integrations + Add-Ons That Power What You Trade

Molecule has more than 30 integrations out of the box with market data and trade data sources, FCMs, ERPs, BI tools, and more.

Ready to see it in action?

Great — we’re ready to show you! Reach out to get a demo of Molecule and see how it will simplify your fund’s trading risk management.

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