Case Study


“Molecule helps me go home two hours early every day.”

- A large hedge fund that trades US gas and power.

That quote says it all. Yes, Molecule is a risk management system that was built in the cloud. No, Molecule doesn’t require lots of consultants to help set it up. Yes, Molecule is as user-friendly as your favorite app. But what Molecule really does is give people their life back.


  • Molecule automated their end-of-day process.
  • Molecule eliminated math mistakes from end-of-day risk calculations.
  • Molecule became a system they trust.
  • Molecule’s pre-closing estimates are very close to actual end of day settles.

Life Before Molecule

The fund was using a mass of spreadsheets as a blotter and for end-of-day position and P&L calculations. Needless to say, the spreadsheets were cumbersome, and as the deal volume grew, became increasingly difficult to update and manage between 3 people. In addition, the calculations were brittle. And sending allocation instructions to the bank was annoying.

The Decision to Make a Change

Our customer decided to work with Molecule because we promised to deliver a reliable, well-designed system at low cost.

Life With Molecule

Now, Molecule automatically keeps the fund’s operations team up to date, and builds position and P&L reports all day. Updating the bank with allocation instructions happens with the click of a button.

Our software has shortened our customer’s day, which was previously 6AM to 6PM. Plus, using Molecule is so easy that he can transfer the process to someone else when he wants to go on vacation. Hello, Bora Bora!

Also, the fund can be sure calculations are right because others use them, too.

Favorite Feature

FCM reconciliation. Helps to pinpoint issues with the bank, quickly.

Allocation screen. Automates this previously very manual process, splitting transactions between bank accounts. “Visually sorts things out.”

Results / Testimonial

“Sometimes, I used to have to come in earlier or stay later than traders—not anymore.”

To find out how Molecule can help you go home earlier every day, contact us at or give us a call at +1 (832) 464-4037.

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