Molecule also offers specialized upgrade packages for renewables, physical power, and crypto as well as a data lake-as-a-service.

Renewables by Molecule
  • Manage your forecast, contracted, and delivered credits and offsets

  • Match up credits and offsets with the commodities that generated or consumed them

  • Manage the full lifecycle around credits and offsets

Power by Molecule
  • Settlement prices for North American ISOs

  • Block conversions in custom reporting

  • Connectivity to North American ISOs for downloading awards

Enterprise Crypto by Molecule
  • Automatic download of transactions from CME and Gemini (more coming soon)

  • Market data from relevant exchanges (availability and frequency varies by exchange)

  • Position and P&L for futures, options, spot, and storage positions

  • Traceability for Crypto mined behind the meter or with renewable power

Unlock a Universe of Insights from your Molecule Data
  • Direct access to Molecule data to perform complex, time series-based queries

  • Near real-time, automated data streaming from Molecule

  • Merge data from Molecule with data from your other key systems, such as ERPs, GLs, SCADA systems

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