Molecule + Bigbang = Data Insights2

Not getting the insights you need from your trading data?
Meet Bigbang - Molecule's answer to your data management challenges.

Bigbang enables you to merge all your trading data from Molecule + other sources into one place, so you can query, analyze, and extract insights from your trading data quickly and easily. As an add-on to the Molecule platform, it gives you all the benefits of multi-tenant, cloud software + direct access to your Molecule data.

Stop spending precious time and resources on building custom data lakes and making multiple API calls. Stream your Molecule data into a private data lake, merge it with other sources, and unlock more efficient querying and meaningful insights.

Bigbang empowers you to make sense of your data faster and smarter, freeing you up to focus on what you do best-making strategic decisions on your trade portfolio based on better trade data analytics.

With Bigbang, you’ll benefit from:

  • Direct access to Molecule data to perform complex, time series-based queries
  • Near real-time, automated data streaming from Molecule
  • Ability to merge data from Molecule with data from your other key systems, such as ERPs, GLs, and SCADA systems
  • Quicker, easier data querying and analysis

Ready to unlock more value from your trade data?

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Want to see how Bigbang works now?

Watch our recorded demo for a tour of Bigbang and how it works, where you can use it, and what you can do with it.

Video screenshot: Unlocking More Value From Your Trade Data with Bigbang
Video: Unlocking More Value From Your Trade Data with Bigbang.

Who Will Benefit From Using Bigbang?

Bigbang is a game-changer for anyone who needs direct access to trading data in Molecule to perform complex queries on time-series data, including:

  • Risk managers
  • Quantitative analysts
  • IT teams

How is Bigbang Implemented?

Dive into data mastery with our fixed-fee implementation, tailored for your unique needs. Molecule delivers a user-friendly platform, secure backups, and guaranteed availability. Enjoy the benefits of a multi-tenant ETRM/CTRM system for scalability, while maintaining full control over your personal data lake. Your keys, your data. Simple, secure, scalable - that's our promise.


What We Do:

  • Build lambdas to load and transform your data
  • Adapt a semantic layer to map bespoke data
  • Design your analytics dashboards with your team–and build and maintain them


Your SI provides any of:

  • Data loaders, transformers
  • Dashboard design + build
  • Additions to the semantic layer
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