Your enterprise crypto trading wish is our demand.

Companies trading crypto have been living in the shadows with homegrown risk management processes. Crypto transactions are wedged into systems that either don’t accommodate them – or can’t be seen at all.

Djinn is our crypto product for enterprise. If your company is trading cryptocurrencies, you can now see your risk and exposure alongside everything else you trade.

Manage Crypto Risk Like a Boss

Connect to exchanges like CME and Gemini to automatically download your executed futures, options, spot, and storage transactions. Access near real-time crypto positions and P&L.

Inventory and value any type of cryptocurrency.

Have One Place for Your Full Financial & Commodity Portfolio with Enterprise Security & Functionality

House all your trades – whether that’s power, fuel, renewables, ags, softs, metals, or crypto – in one place.

Model crypto alongside your physical and financial derivatives with instant calculations for your position, P&L, and other reports.

Molecule enterprise customers get an ETRM/CTRM that includes audit trails, automatic locking, fine-grained user permissions, and complex book structures.

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