Taking our power game to the next level Molecule was born in power, and we’re taking our power game to the next level with Elektra — our new power markets package for independent power producers, hedge funds, hedge advisors, and power utilities.

With Elektra, Molecule is the ETRM that provides the most automated and transparent (i.e. modern) visibility into P&L, position, and risk exposure for a large variety of power trades.

Manage your complex power portfolio

Trying to cram electricity into ETRMs built for another commodity, doesn’t work well.

For your portfolio of generation, fuel, and everything in between, Molecule already offers rich block interpretation logic, as well as support for a variety of instruments traded on (and around) North American ISOs. RECs, RGGIs, FTRs, and virtuals all have a home in Molecule.

With Elektra, Molecule adds ISO connectivity, arbitrary block conversions (i.e., 7x24 to 5x16-equivalence), and more — all specifically for physical and financial power.

We’re also centralizing and open-sourcing our Python-based block logic (including DST adjustments) on GitHub — so that nobody ever has to reinvent that logic again.

Integrate & automate data and reporting

At Molecule, we want our software to just work, so we do our best to provide customers with market data, out of the box. With Elektra, this effort expands from exchange data to North American power as a whole.

End-of-day LMPs and other electricity pricing data will be included as part of Molecule’s Elektra package, and will be powered by our partner NRGSTREAM.

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Get your generation, production, complex deals, and hedges into a single, automated, consolidated view — without the craziness of managing LMPs.

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