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Molecule Announces Enterprise-Grade Crypto Management Software

Molecule, the leading cloud-based ETRM/CTRM software company, has announced a new product for enterprises trading crypto. Djinn will enable companies to manage crypto risk alongside the other financial and physical assets they trade.

HOUSTON, TX - 01 December 2021 – Molecule has announced Djinn, their enterprise-grade package for companies managing spot and forward crypto.

Today, Molecule users capture and value CME Bitcoin futures and options daily. These derivatives flow into position and P&L reporting automatically and are supported by Molecule's standard suite of risk controls. These are the same controls that support users trading power, gas, crude, refined products, and more.

With Djinn, Molecule users will be able to automatically download spot fills and cold storage transactions from Gemini and other crypto exchanges. Molecule will support automatic market data feeds and near real-time position and P&L calculations. Users will be able to inventory and value cryptocurrency of any type and manage these physical transactions using the enterprise-grade tooling Molecule CTRM/ETRM users have come to expect.

Because of the high energy demand required to mine crypto and the high volatility in crypto markets, companies that trade energy are adding crypto assets to their portfolio. These trading organizations need software to automate and analyze risk, position, and P&L statements for crypto as well as power, natural gas, and everything else they trade.

"Many of our customers have come to us to ask if we can help them trade crypto professionally. With Djinn, we can," says Sameer Soleja, Founder and CEO of Molecule. "But this is just one asset class. Molecule is dedicated to making full-portfolio management for commodities dead simple for all of our customers."

About Molecule

Molecule is the leader in cloud-native ETRM/CTRM. We make reliable, easy-to-use SaaS software for commodity traders, risk managers, and operations teams at hedge funds, marketers, hedge advisors, IPPs, and world-scale energy and PE firms – in power, gas, crude, refined products, chemicals, and agricultural products. Molecule automates routine tasks and complex position, P&L, and risk calculations. Learn more about Molecule at

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