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Molecule Announces Energy Risk Management Software for Growing Renewables Sector

Molecule, the most modern cloud-based ETRM/CTRM software company, has announced a new product for renewables. Hive will handle the full, complex lifecycle of commodities and products related to renewables.

HOUSTON, TX -October 27, 2022 – Molecule announces the launch of its latest product, Hive, to handle data related to renewables commodities and products. Hive delivers a set of customized reports and models that risk managers need to handle the nuanced lifecycle of renewables trades.

Hive lets risk managers and leaders of renewables trading desks avoid mistakes and frustration caused by the clunky existing systems they use to manage their renewable trades. Another customer segment is the growing set of companies who manage full or partial lifecycles of renewable credits – such as independent power producers (IPPs), retail electric providers (REPs), and transportation companies.

Common questions customers seek to answer include:

  • Which certificates are available that we haven’t yet retired?
  • Which credits have we sold and are required to deliver?
  • What optionality do I have around the eligibility of the credits in my portfolio?

“Renewables trading is growing rapidly, and the industry is coalescing around a set of standard instruments that everyone – producers¬¬, consumers, and liquidity providers – need to manage. We’ve taken our learnings from six years’ worth of experience in renewables, and are excited to deliver them in a powerful, consistent, and easy-to-use new product line from Molecule,” says Sameer Soleja, Founder and CEO of Molecule.

Companies trade a variety of renewable commodities and product types. These include renewable energy credits (RECs), renewable identification numbers (RINs), regional greenhouse gas initiative contracts (RGGIs), carbon credits, and carbon offsets. Each type of trade has custom characteristics that risk managers need to track and manage.

About Molecule

Molecule makes the world’s most modern, cloud-native ETRM/CTRM software. The company offers turnkey implementations, proactive customer support, and consumer-grade design so that customers can focus on their business of driving the global economy. The Molecule platform offers near-real-time visualization of financial models and reports – accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Molecule values trades and assets for over 25,000 physical and financial products, across 50+ commodities, including power, gas, crude, chemicals, agricultural products, cryptocurrencies, and now renewables. Learn more about Molecule at

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