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Most people hate their E/CTRM. On a daily basis, users wrangle with outdated software, siloed data, and weak customer support. But, Molecule users experience something different.

For people who constantly need visibility into energy and commodity portfolio metrics with minimal errors, Molecule offers a turnkey ETRM/CTRM solution that combines modern technology with a beautiful, intuitive interface and proactive support.

As a Molecule customer, you save time during implementation (which can be finished in as little as 90 days), when adding new products to your portfolio, and when doing your day-to-day job.

Let’s discuss how Molecule can support your risk operations.

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Industries We Serve

Independent Power Producers

IPPs have been relying on Molecule for years—to manage forward generation (renewable, conventional, and battery storage), actuals, and forward hedges across the full array of ISOs and deal types, including congestion (FTRs/CRRs/TCRs), virtuals, PTP obligations, bidding awards, capacity payments, ancillaries, and more.

Renewables Trading Firms

Renewables companies use Molecule to make sense of forward credits (including RECs, RINs, and RGGIs), with connectivity to exchanges such as ICE, CME, and Nodal Exchange and clearinghouses such as APX. Analysts can use Molecule for easy management of credits and hedges, and management of eligibility, classes, and retirements.

Oil, Gas, and Chemicals Marketers

Marketers of oil, gas, chemicals, and other physical energies, use Molecule to manage physical trading around assets, back-to-backs, financial derivatives, and inventory positions. Actualization and reconciliation come standard with Molecule.

Crypto Trading

Crypto companies use Molecule to trade in a high-volatility market, with enterprise-grade controls. Molecule is the leading enterprise system for energy and crypto trading, combining positions and spreads into a single view.

Energy & Commodities Consumers

Large energy & commodities consumers use Molecule to compare forward short positions (expected burn), to prepurchases and hedges—enabling them to make smarter decisions with data an ERP just can't handle.

Hedge Funds & Prop Funds

Funds use Molecule to get up and going quickly, and report position and P&L reliably, in near real-time—and to send their operations teams home early.

We also support ags, metals, refined chemicals and more.

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