Molecule is priced at a monthly package rate, with options for high trade volume, real-time SLAs, and additional usage above and beyond each package. It's offered on a yearly or multi-year contract basis.

HiveRenewables by Molecule

Hive is Molecule’s new ETRM add-on created for companies trading renewable commodities and renewable instruments like RECs, RINs, and RGGIs.

By adding Hive to your ETRM, you will gain access to customizable reporting built on our extensive experience working with companies trading renewables. These reports will allow you to manage the nuanced, full lifecycle of renewable instruments - including minting, eligibility, and optimization.

Hive is the easy and accurate add-on to:

  • Manage your forecast, contracted, and delivered credits and offsets
  • Match up credits and offsets with the commodities that generated or consumed them
  • Manage the full lifecycle around credits and offsets

If renewables are one aspect of what you trade, you’ll be able to see your performance alongside data related to your power, gas, fuel, crypto, or anything else you trade.

Many companies manage their renewables credits and offsets in Excel, which is inadequate. If you’re currently dealing with all of this in spreadsheets, Hive gives you control and audit trails, limiting the risk that something goes awry during a long, complex process.

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Hive Implementation Options

As with any Molecule product, we provide a fixed-fee implementation, meaning you will know exactly what to budget to get your ETRM up and running.


Types of Organizations that can use Hive

  • Independent power producers (IPPs)
  • Carbon or renewables desks
  • Hedge funds
  • Hedge advisors
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