The Modern ETRM/CTRM That Prioritizes Security

Security is the most important aspect of Molecule’s trading risk management software - in both our application and as part of our daily operations.

Our priority is to ensure Molecule is one of the most reliable and secure ETRM/CTRM systems ever built. We designed and built our product with security at its core, and we operate our company to meet or exceed the highest security standards in the industry.

Our Security Measures

Molecule maintains the security of your account data in a variety of ways, using seven different security measures.

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Application Security

Our app is built and maintained using robust SDLC policies, secure secret management, and stringent authentication measures.

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Account Security

We support multiple login procedures, enforce robust passwords, and strictly separate account data. You can control your own users’ permissions while audit logs keep track of every move. Using our API? Encrypted tokens ensure that you can access it safely.

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Infrastructure Security

We use AWS's world-class physical infrastructure, and our network is locked down to all but essential traffic. And when it comes to production access, we're as selective as a bouncer.

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Data Security

Imagine Molecule's multi-tenant infrastructure as a fortified fortress, diligently safeguarding the security of your data. With vigilant sentinels overseeing data access, encryption, new release testing, and multiple backups, your valuable data remains protected and secure.

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You need uninterrupted access to your data, and we take great care to make sure Molecule is reliable and available. We conduct internal BCP and DR processes, audits, and monitoring to maintain a standard of excellent uptime. And the app stays up during deployments so business never stops.

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Endpoint Security

We're always on our guard to keep entry points safe and sound, with automated mobile device security management and anti-malware defense. The app goes through rigorous penetration tests that consistently receive the highest score.

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Compliance + Privacy

Our commitment to data privacy and security standards compliance is unwavering and we proudly meet GDPR, AICPA SOC 1 Type II, and SOC 2 Type II standards. We offer secure hosting in the EU or North America.

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