The Secure ETRM/CTRM System

Security is the most important aspect of Molecule’s ETRM/CTRM platform - in both our application and as part of our daily operations. We look at it from six perspectives. Learn more below.

Molecule Database

Your sensitive data is stored securely, by the people who do it best, and only authorized users have access.

  • Our database is a multi-tenant, highly scalable Postgres implementation managed by Amazon Web Services, who:
    • hosts it within their SOC-1, SOC-2 (formerly SAS70), and SOC-3 certified data center,
    • handles physical plant, server, and network access controls, and
    • specializes in keeping it, and the underlying servers, up-to-date with the latest security and feature releases
  • Access to the database is limited to the Molecule engineering and services teams, and is secured by two-factor authentication.
  • All data is encrypted at rest in our database.

Molecule Application

Molecule is protected from intrusion, and it shows your data only to you.

  • The Molecule application enforces low-level isolation of account information. In addition, it provides role-based access control and data filtering to users within your organization.
  • The Molecule application runs a robust set of automated tests on itself daily and for each change made to the software.
  • Molecule runs automated penetration and vulnerability scans several times per month.
  • Each new release of Molecule is also hand-tested by our team to ensure that every user sees only what they are authorized to see.
  • Authentication in Molecule is enforced industry-leading libraries, and the application itself is built using industry-standard technologies including Ruby on Rails, Ember, and Redis.
  • Molecule has automatic user cool-down and lock-out functionality built in. The Molecule team can also lock out a user upon request.
  • Molecule retains access logs of every use of our application, and can make them available upon request.
  • The Molecule team monitors use of our application to identify and act against any suspicious activity.
  • The Molecule team has the ability to shut down or patch the app instantly in response to any unauthorized use.


The machines that touch your data are protected from physical and network intrusion.

  • The Molecule database, application, and sensitive information live entirely within Amazon’s AWS datacenter. This is a SOC-1, SOC-2 (formerly SAS70), and SOC-3 certified datacenter.
  • Molecule has defined strict network security rules. Only the portions of the application we specify are available outside the data center.
  • Communication within the data center is secured by Amazon’s anti-packet sniffing and anti-promiscuous mode technology.
  • Connections to the data center are limited to engineering and services staff, and are secured with two-factor authentication.


Anything that goes over the Internet is encrypted.

  • All Internet connections to Molecule are encrypted using 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption.


Molecule uses strong authorization and access controls.

  • Authentication in Molecule is enforced by industry-standard libraries.
  • Access controls are available so that users in your organization can be restricted to seeing only a subset of Molecule data.
  • Molecule encourages login hygiene within your organization. The application requires strong passwords, and logs users out after a period of inactivity.

Molecule, The company

We secure your data even before it’s in the Molecule application (i.e., while we’re testing your portfolio pre-implementation).

  • Operational Security is part of every new employee's initial training, and standards are regularly reviewed with the whole team.
  • We store customer data centrally, accessible only to relevant members of the team.
  • Data is downloaded only to encrypted devices and is secured by two-factor authentication.
  • Database access, backups, and code are accessible only to the engineering and services teams.
  • Passwords for all our tools meet our complexity requirements, and are audited regularly. All passwords are secured by best-practice policies, industry-leading tooling, and multi-factor authentication.
  • All Molecule employees (including anyone with access to customer data) are background-checked and under NDA.
  • The Molecule application and other stored data are regularly audited for security.
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