ETRM/CTRM Solutions for Risk Managers

Stop waiting hours for your end-of-day! Automate deal capture and reports and consolidate portfolio data with built-in integrations and APIs, using Molecule's modern ETRM/CTRM platform.

You are responsible for the risk at your organization every single day. Waiting for your end-of-day shouldn’t keep you at work late, every single day. With modern technology, you should have your results in no time flat. That's what happens with Molecule.

Molecule has the industry's easiest deal capture. Trades from the CME and ICE flow automatically into Molecule seconds after they clear. Use natural-language processing to enter bilateral deals (financial or physical). Just type them in, the way you think about them. Options, swaps, forwards, futures - including bitcoin - all of them work the same way.

Molecule ETRM/CTRM NPL trade entry tool
Automatic Deal Capture

Once captured, deals live out their full lifecycle, marking every day and expiring or exercising on their settlement date. There's nothing else you have to do.

Everything in Molecule calculates as soon as it has sufficient data. Positions are calculated instantly. When market data comes in, trades are marked and option greeks calculated. Even VaR recalculates with every new trade.

Molecule ETRM/CTRM software near real-time Position screen
Automatic Position, P&L, Risk

Molecule uses industry-standard Black-76 and mark-to-market calculations, as well as QuantLib. We also open-source key components of our software, so you can inspect them yourself and be sure your reports are right.

Molecule ETRM/CTRM system Curves screen for market data imports
Automatic Market Data

You can get a VaR from many places. But what about one that is right, without you having to twiddle it? Molecule provides that and more, out-of-the-box. A VaR that just works.

Molecule ETRM/CTRM software near real-time VaR (Value-at-Risk) screen

Embedded in Molecule is a blistering-fast Monte Carlo simulation engine that re-calculates your VaR (portfolio and component) in no time, every time your position changes. We set it up once, and it works day after day. Molecule also provides an independently-calculated delta-gamma VaR and diagnostic information, so you can be sure the numbers make sense.

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